What is Sustain Talk – A Crucial Element in Motivation

Imagine you’re at a crossroads in your career, contemplating a significant change. Yet, every time you start to take a step forward, a voice inside you insists, “Maybe it’s not the right time.” This internal dialogue is something many of us face when standing on the brink of change. Sustain talk refers to the dialogue, … Read more

What Is Change Talk? – The Language Of Transformation!

Unlock the power of change talk and elevate your journey towards personal growth and development

Change talk is a concept that originates from the realms of counseling and psychotherapy, particularly within motivational interviewing (MI). Motivational Interviewing is a counseling approach developed by clinical psychologists William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick. This method focuses on eliciting and strengthening an individual’s motivation for change. Change talk plays a crucial role in this … Read more